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Before contacting us, please take a moment to check if your question is already answered in the FAQ below. Also, please make sure you’re using the latest version of Current (1.1), as your issue might have already been fixed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Current support group messages?

Yes it does! Current uses the Messenger website to power its messaging functionality.

How do I turn on sounds for when I receive a message?

You can find that option in the Preferences. Look for the checkbox next to “Message received sound” under the Notifications tab.

I heard that Facebook turned off its Chat API (XMPP) at the end of April.

That’s true, but Current was not affected by this change!

I have the Dock icon disabled and I can no longer access Current using ⌘-Tab.

We’re very sorry, but it’s simply not possible for an application to appear in the application switcher if it does not have a Dock icon. If you would like a quick way to access Current, then we recommend you setup a global keyboard shortcut in the Preferences under the Shortcuts tab.

How come Current doesn’t block ads?

We cannot legally nor ethically profit off of blocking Facebook’s ads. Current still provides tremendous value even if you don’t use its built-in browser to browse the newsfeed. You will not encounter any ads when using the menu bar window the check your inbox and notifications, and when messaging friends in Messenger windows.

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